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Welcome to Rebeccas Hansen Weddings! We are a website that’s chuck full of information and tips to help you plan the perfect wedding day!

First, let me address some of the most common dilemma couples face…

When you first get engaged, it’s difficult to know where to begin. Often, the first things you think of are finding a venue, setting a date, and booking the photographer – all important aspects of a wedding!

Brides often don’t know where to begin in order to accomplish the kind of celebration they truly want to have. From my perspective, I want to see your budget utilized as best it can be, and I want to help you create an event that is truly cohesive from start to finish.

With that in mind – I encourage brides to begin elsewhere – before the venue, the date, or the photographer.

Tips to Choosing a Venue

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Before you choose a venue and a date, consider how you want your celebration to feel. Write down 5 words that describe how you want to feel on your wedding day. This feeling will guide your wedding design as well as your venue search, and will help your wedding day to have a much more cohesive aesthetic than if you determine this later on.

It’s easy to love a lot of different looks and styles, but if you keep in mind how you want your day to feel, this will help you navigate the hundreds of decisions you’re making!

Do more for less people. This is one of our favorite tips for creating a truly memorable wedding day. Bring together your closest friends and family, and use the budget you have to host them in an unforgettable way. This is your first time to host your family and friends as a couple, and while the day is about the two of you, it’s also about sharing the celebration with them too!

Keep in mind the colors and textures of your event space when choosing a color palette. Is the space very traditional, but you’re hoping for a vintage style wedding? Are your colors going to disappear into the background in or be an unexpected eyesore?

A well-designed event uses the space to enhance the decor, and to help create a certain type of atmosphere. Consider the existing elements in the space as you make begin making design choices.

Make Sure You Manage Costs Appropriately

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Get informed about the costs in the area you’re getting married in before you set a budget. This is one of the best ways to manage expectations and heartache. This doesn’t mean spending more than you want to spend, but it will help you make the best use of the budget you have!

Seek to understand the value behind the custom services you’re enlisting. If you want to surprise and delight a wedding pro or two, ask them to help you understand everything that goes into the service they’re providing to you before you ask about the price investment.

If you’re unsure about your style, start small. Look around you. What inspires you? What do you consistently choose and love in fashion and home decor? Look for images that speak to you, and draw color inspiration from them.

Choose several shades of the colors that you like, rather than just two. Further identifying your style in these areas will help us begin to design an event that truly represents you.

If you need a little extra help getting started, let us know!

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