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cheap wholesale diamond rings

The price of the gold that is used in these cheap diamond engagement rings is set out on the open gold markets on a daily basis. Because the rings are stamped 14Kt. there are many laws that regulates the gold content of these rings.

The cost of jewelry manufacturing is pretty much the same regardless of who does the manufacturing. The one item (actually the major item in the pricing of these super discount cheap diamond engagement rings), the diamond, will be the one and only thing that could account for such a big pricing difference in these types of rings.

The information that is in the ad shows it is a 1 Carat diamond, I1 to I2 in diamond Clarity, and J to K in diamond Color. Well, according to the information on the computer gadget website, these 1 Carat cheap diamond engagement rings can vary within a weight range from 0.94 to 1.04 Carat. Knowing that, which end of that range do you think they use most of the time?

That’s right, the low end of the diamond carat weight range will be used and along with that I’m sure that the lower diamond clarity, I2, and the lower diamond color, K, will also most likely be used in these beautiful cheap diamond engagement rings. However there is no mention of the 4th.”C”, and the most important “C”, the diamond Cut.


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Points to Note

#1- Cheap diamond engagement rings in the long run will probably cause more problems than they are worth. A low quality diamond with an I2 clarity could very likely have durability problems…. one good whack and the stone could chip, crack, or crumble!

#2- The diamond cut of these diamonds is really bad…. I’ve seen many cheap diamond engagement rings like this and they really have big thick heavy girdles because the diamond cutters have really tried to get up into those “magic” diamond carat weights and they turn out to be very unattractive diamonds!

If we were to do a side by side comparison of a diamond engagement ring with a properly cut diamond and the cheap diamond engagement ring illustrated on this page…. you would see a dramatic difference. The properly cut diamond would be brighter and be physically larger in diameter, even though the 2 diamonds would have the same diamond carat weight.

#3- These cheap diamond engagement rings will not come with a diamond grading reports from a lab like GIA or AGS. They might come with some impressive official looking diamond grading report from some laboratory….. but anyone can produce an impressive looking diamond grading report on their computer.

#4- These types of cheap diamond engagement rings have always been around but with the new ways that diamonds are now being distributed more people are seeing them being offered for sale.

Cheap is cheap, which refers to the quality of the ring but this is not the same as being an inexpensive ring.

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