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Q: Who pays for the tuxedos?
A: Each individual is usually responsible for his own attire. Occasionally, other arrangements are made.

Q: Should the groom be dressed differently from the other men?
A: With the exception of “white tie” or “ultra traditional cutaway dress”, it is recommended that the groom’s attire be different in some way. The difference can be that of a completely different tuxedo, or just a difference in accessory styles and/or colors.

Q: Does the bride’s style of dress affect the groom’s tuxedo choice?
A: Yes. Depending upon how formal the brides dress is will determine how formal the groom’s attire should be. The groom should not be more “formal” than the bride. Also, if the bride’s dress is ivory or candlelight, the groom’s attire and accessories should be complimenting.

Q: Does the father of the bride or father of the groom wear tuxedos?
A: There is no “rule” that says the fathers need to wear tuxedos, but it is highly recommended, especially for the father of the bride. Both fathers, especially the father of the bride, are featured wedding members and will be frequently photographed and pictured with the other formally attired wedding members.

Q: Can the groom wear his uniform if he is in the military?
A: The groom has a choice to wear his uniform or a tuxedo. Other members would be in tuxedos unless all members are in the military, in which case the groom could request that the men be all in uniforms or all in tuxedos.

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Q: What does a ring bearer wear?
A: The ring bearer can wear the same style tuxedo as worn by the groomsmen or he can be dressed as a “miniature” groom and dressed like the groom if the flower girl is dressed like the bride. If he’s dressed in the same tuxedo as the groomsmen, the accessories can be different in order to match the flower girl’s dress.

Q: Do women in the wedding party ever wear tuxedos?
A: Yes, on occasion the women choose to wear tuxedos (usually ladies tuxedos with ladies formal slacks or skirts). Sometimes, if the groom has a female “best man”, the lady opts for a tuxedo. However, this choice of attire would fall into the category of “contemporary” wedding attire, not traditional.

Q: When should a bride and groom start making arrangements for tuxedos?
A: Usually tuxedos are chosen after the ladies dresses are chosen, so that the men’s attire can match the women’s attire. Typically, the bride and groom choose tuxedos about 1 to 3 months in advance of the wedding to allow their bridal party members to get measured and reserve their tuxedos.

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